Home for Christmas - Trials and Triumphs

  1. While I was travelling from London to Dublin you would assume it is a pretty straight forward journey. This year I booked flights with Flybe, after travelling with them in summer I decided to fly with them for Christmas. Upon telling everyone I was asked why fly from Southend - an airport in Essex, near the coast- as I live in South London, closest to Gatwick.

  2. It all worked out for the best as my bag was robbed with my passport in the weeks approaching Christmas, while I ordered a new one I was not sure my passport would arrive in time. I did have my drivers license and could use that to fly between Dublin and London instead of a passport. Ryanair who I usually fly with, require a passport as identification.

  3. Another point to mention about flying with Flybe Fromm southend was the drone delay. With over 100,000 flight delays I could have been one as I flew out the day of the drone interruptions in Gatwick airport. Instead I was in Southend, quite similar to Cork airport and was able to board my flight without delay.

  4. It may be worth looking into trying new airlines and not sticking with your usual routine when flying from London to Ireland as there is nothing worse than a delay especially at a time of year when all you want is to be with your family.

  1. After staying in Dublin and doing the last bit of shopping, my sister - Claire - and I travelled home. This was the most awake we were for the 1 and a half hour journey.

  2. While our brother and sister were ready to follow suit on Sunday morning, the gang was almost home again.

  1. However, while we’re all returning to the grey skies in South Tipperary, our brother Cormac was exploring the heights of Hong Kong. The skyline makes up for not having a Christmas tree for sure. Of course he found somewhere to cop a pint of Guinness.

Merry Christmas everyone xx