How to Style a Wool Jumper over a sequined Dress?

How to wear a Sequins Dress?  

I bought this dress years ago as a back up for a dance which I ended up not needing. While I have worn it on a few occasions, it has never reached its full potential. While I love fashion and style, today much of peoples style has been decided by what the current trend is as oppose to individuals personal taste. My best outfits tend to come together over time and are rarely the impulse buys that I think I need at the time.

Holding onto pieces that are good quality and good shape can work out well down the line. In the current age of fashion, it has almost become acceptable to wear an item of clothing once and bin it, personally I have never been a fan of disposable fashion. While sustainability in fashion is currently a hot topic, we are far from living in the eco friendly world that is desirable.

How to wear a jumper and sequins dress? 

One of my friends at school had a large interest in Vintage fashion and recycled clothes while I had a love for the high street, without any education of the impact it has on the environment I was happy in my care free bubble of buying trendy pieces. However, while in Dublin on a shopping trip I was dragged into numerous vintage shops and pleasantly surprised in some and horrified in others. This jumper was on sale in The Eager Beaver and I took the leap and purchased a second hand jumper. I am always drawn to similar colour ways and this makes styling individual pieces of clothing more simpler. While a wooly jumper and a sequins dress are not altogether a match made in heaven they certainly complimented each other this Christmas in Ireland.