How to wear your Ripped Jeans in the Sun!

Hi Guys, one of the things I love about going home, when it has been a while is seeing all the changes that have happened throughout the town, like new shops and bakeries opening, my fav! And seeing new empty spaces, not so great but hopefully will be filled by me next visit! However, dicovering the new art work that is becoming increasingly popular throughout towns and cities in Ireland is defiantly a bonus! This mural was just so vibrant I had to stop and take some pictures! 

What I’m wearing is my over worn, Levi jeans like these, that I bought on sale about 3 years ago and have lived in them so much that holes have began to appear. Now, ripped jeans are all the trend at the moment but I don’t think the ones across my butt are what most trends are sporting, so I left out those pictures. But I found an easy solution to this issue which was to wear some fishnet tights under the jeans, and oddly enough it worked! What do you think ? However, the danger with wearing your ripped jeans like these, in the sun means you can end up with some very patchy tan or if you burn like me patches of sunburn! Easy solution, just don’t forget your spf (factor 50) where your skin will be posed! Thankfully I avoided some fishnet print sunburn! 


I’m wearing puma runners.. similar here, which are super comfy and I think its because they are elastic around your ankle and heel, unlike most runners, so they are similar construction to the sock runners by balenciaga like these, and also fila which you can see here, and I wasn’t sure how comfortable they would be, they looked a bit flimsy, however I have definately loved wearing my pumas and the elastic is super comfy that I want to try a pair of these sock runners! I’ve always been more of a boot that shoe person so sock runners sound amazing!


Then I paired my Levi jeans with a cropped fila t-shirt... you know I have this image of a fila hoodie in my head that my older brother owned as a teenager during the ‘90’s (similar here)  and I have a feeling if I ask my Mam about it, she’ll probably still have it in the hot press! So it’s great to see some of the iconic sporty not sporty brands popping up again! Now I wouldn’t normally be someone to wear a crop top unless on holidays or with high waisted jeans however with the fishnet tights I felt it just finished of the outfit nicely. I don’t believe in doing things by half so your either all in or not in at all!


If any of you have clothing from the 90’s or remeber a particular piece your siblings wore that makes you smile, feel free to share below in the comments. I’d love to hear who else steals their siblings clothing!


                                                         Photo Credits: Leah O’Donnell 

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