Is it always best to buy into the lastest trends?

I’ve never been a stripe person, but when I found this top I just loved it, of course I’m always drawn to contrasting fabrics and I loved the mic of the ribbed jersey and mesh, that has a slightly sheer aspect, but it’s very subtle.  And the bell sleeves are so cute, their always fun to wear too!  Of course it’s summer and I’m wearing monochrome, here’s a similar one... but sometimes it’s easier to be covered up and not have to deal with putting sun cream on everywhere, and then worrying about the sun cream getting on your clothes! Of course I always wear SPF moisturizer on my face and it is in my make-up too, can never be too sure! I styled it with my favourite skinny black Levi jeans, you can find similar here! Again, their just reliable and comfortable to wear in terms of jeans! 

Let’s talk about the shoes and why it’s important to not buy everything trendy! I can say that I loved them when I bought them but I have ever only worn  them once, on this day out. For some reason if shoes aren’t comfortable or just don’t sit easy with a particular look then I don’t wear them again! 

I am also a believer that you should invest in good shoes that will wear well over time! My doc Martins have served me well on many day trips as well as numerous nights out! So buying gold patent slip ons probably wasn’t my brightest move! But everyone falls victim to certain trends and who doesn’t love a good Gucci vibe! I think if they were more comfortable to wear I would defiantly use them more! If you have fallen head over heels for them at first sight like myself, here’s is a similar pair by Gucci, they have the higher heel which I love! 

Have any any of you guys ever bought something and never worn it? Share in the comments if you have! I’m usually pretty good at not getting too caught up in super trendy trends! I like to have my own personal style shine through and if there is a style of something particularly in at the time that I love then I’ll definatly jump on board! I usually try to gauge if it will be wearable or laughable in 3 months time! Also taking into consideration what I have in my wardrobe is important because the more pieces that mix and match together the better! 

My bag is from Urban Outfitters, I think every wardrobe needs a fringe bag, and I love how the fringe is short and doesn’t get stuck in zips and doors while it covers the hole bag too! It’s also another one that I can fit my book in and make-up but not have to bring my tote with me which is why it’s so great! I don’t normally use cross body bags but this one has shown me the other side and I will defiantly be adding more to my already full wardrobe!