The Perfect White Summer Dress to wear with Runners!

Of course the last few weeks have been extremely hot and deciding what to wear is not the easiest, especially if your like me and spend 90% of your time wearing all black, and also enjoy wearing lots of layers! That doesn’t end well in this sort of weather! Generally I try to avoid the sun unless I’m on holidays and I’m set up for lounging by a pool all day, mainly as the every day tasks are not so fun in this weather!

So of course Wimbledon has finished and with most summers the LBD is replaced with the LWD-little white dress! Similar here... After watching the tennis for the last two weeks I definatel have been adding more white to my wardrobe! It just looks so fresh in the sun as well... but lets not mention the wine stains!  

I bought this dress very optimistically a few summers ago in Zara Ireland. I really liked the material, sometimes I find white can be see through so this is a jacquard fabric and is a medium weight so it isn’t see through! Does anyone else ever have this problem, leave a comment below. It is also very comfortable under the arms because of the fabric which I was worried about because it is quite fitted. Very often white clothes come in linen which isn’t always the nicest fabric to wear on the parts of your body that rub off each other! I have a memory of going hose riding in the France, with my sister when we were on holidays as kids and we both wore white linen trousers, not the smartest decision, the insides of our thighs were red raw that evening and I don’t think we wore the linen three quarter lengths again, much too traumatized! So if you are looking for some comfortable white clothes buy loose linen items, however cotton and other softer fabrics can be worn more fitted!  

As I was going for a day out in Wisely gardens with my aunt and cousins I wore runners, like these... again I find it hard to kick the winter habits of wearing snug shoes unless on holidays, and it worked out for the best as there was a fair amount of walking and some of the tracks are quite muddy! Also, I’m wearing Mac lipstick, Viva Glam V which is my go to! I was never big on lipstick during the daytime but when you find one that sits well with different outfits, it is defiantly a keeper! 

My bag is one I absolutely love and I bought it on depop of a blogger I admire years ago, Anousk! I love the chains as it makes it more original than your normal black bag but it fits everything in as well but isn’t too bulky! I couldn’t find one very like mine but I found this shrimps bag, which has a similar shape to that I love! It also works well as a day bag even though it is a bit more on the dressy side! I do love to contrast things, night bag with some sketchy looking shoes! 

Wisely is really beautiful and you would defiantly need more than a day to explore everywhere. However if you are looking for a day out around nature where you can have a picnic but also learn some new plant names it is worth a visit! Also the greenhouse is amazing and the scenery is super picturesque. Sometimes in places like these it can get a bit crowded on sunny days, however Winsley is so large that there is plenty of picnic space for everyone! 


Chat soon!