How to wear Mom Jeans in the Sun-Part 1!

So I thought I would take a different approach to my photograph layout in this post, mainly as I had so many images and sometimes I find if you are scrolling through a post on your phone and it’s really long, it can feel never ending, so let me know what you think when you see them! This was a day out to an exhibition I went to last year with a friend of mine, who is a huge fan of Camille Walala, I had heard of her but had not seen any of her pieces before. I’m sure as you can see that it was an interactive piece with the focus on graphic print (my friend I went with is a graphic designer incase you couldn’t have guessed) . One of the main reasons I ended up with so many photos was, it was super fun to explore, and although it wasn’t situated in an extremely large space we definitely spent about 40 minutes exploring. It was a maze and if you are like me and get lost following google maps then finding your way around a maze can take a bit of navigation!

What I wore was my trusty Levi mom jeans, which you can shop a similar pair here! I know you can’t see them all but I love the straight leg, I have to admit they are currently my only blue jeans, but they go with everything I would style over a blue jean so I would say they are a great go too! I am wearing an Isabel Marant silk dress, which I love! Tbh it was one of those impulse buys that sat in my wardrobe for a while because I had nothing to wear it with, but it can just take a while to find the right pieces to dress certain items. It’s definitely not an impulse buy I regret, however as well as planning for delays when traveling if I’m meeting someone I have to uinclude ironing time too, it wrinkles so easy, as you can probably see! It is pretty much see through so I have just put  a crop top, similar here...  compliments of my sister that she got on ASOS underneath! The great thing about this outfit is I have worn it on nights out aswell with chunky nude heels! I don’t have any photos, but if I come across any I’ll  add them in later!  

Although it was scorching I did bring a bomber jacket,again a habit I can’t replace, because when you’re used to getting 4 seasons in one day, even during a heatwave I pack a jacket! This one is from Topshop, and also makes the odd appearance on a night too, out but I love that bomber jackets are super comfy, the next best thing to a hoodie and you can also ball them up and leave them in your bag if you don’t need them, without worrying about them looking like The Burren, from all the wrinkles! Obviously Acne studios is probably the most covetable bomber jacket that I know off, so if your looking to upgrade your street style look you can get one here!

As you can see I’m not wearing shoes, no I didn’t have a bare foot day out, but shoes weren’t aloud in the exhibition, however we had a very full day so if you want to know what shoes I wore you can ask in the comments or else hang on for Part Two of the post! 

Chat soon!