What to wear in a heatwave?

Hey guys, so if you are absolutely dying in this heat and have no idea what to wear I put together a quick look that’s easy to throw on and also still look stylish!  

First let’s talk about the t-shirt, I think in summer it is perfectly acceptable to wear an over sized t shirt as a dress. Of course it’s cotton so the loose t-shirt is super airy and is also just relaxing to wear instead of a blouse of top that just ends up sticking to you in this humidity! This one is from Off-White, where you can shop here. However here is an alternative if you have a smaller budget!  

I styled it with Balenciaga ugly runners, I know it’s summer and flip flops are a go to but I always forget to put sun cream on my feet or when I do they still get burnt so I just wear sneakers unless I’m going to the beech! I think if the rest of the outfit is sun friendly then your feet will be fine in some chunky sneakers! Shop some similar ones here!  

Of course, who would be mad enough to leave the house without their sunglasses? Not me, so these ones are bejeweled and by Gucci, of course wearing a plain outfit leaves room for some fun accessories and these sunglasses will defiantly make a statement! 

To finish off the look I added a belt, which is bright yellow so it adds some colour to the look and ties in well with the shoes! Also it’s one you can tie, which is great for the weather as it will be more comfortable than a buckle belt in this scorching heat!