The Ultimate Fila Collection you can’t miss!

Hey guys, I thought I’d do a shopping post for you on this amazing collaboration between Pierre Cardin and Urban Outfitters! I was super excited when I got an email about this! I remember doing my first French project in school on Pierre Cardines bubble house and was abosolutely fascinated by it! 

Who is Pierre Cardin? 

He is a fashion designer who was born in Italy in 1922. He was the first designer to bring women’s fashion to the street. He is best know for his space age designs and prefers geometric shapes while often ignoring the female form. If you are curious t learn more, you read about his amazing life here

The Collection

I selected my favourite pieces from the over all collection and I love the mix of a French fashion designer know for his avant- grade designs collaborating with a streetwear brand Fila! 

It is definately clear where Fila drew their inspiration, from the Bubble house! This jumper is my absolute favourite! I mean it’s got giant polka dots on it so I bed not say anymore! Of course the addition of the zip pocket is a great added feature! With the latest obsession over bum bags it’s like having a flat pack one on your jumper! What do you think? 

The Royal Blue just makes the tape pants, these tracksuit just look super comfortable! Who doesn’t like to co-ordinate in 2018? 

The Fila sneakers are  super fun, while I love to look at the, and they are defiantly an eye catcher I feel like I wouldn’t wear them too much, ai would prefer the original but as there are many polka dot lovers out there, I’m sure these shoes will have some amazing owners! Get yours here,  

Next is this baby blue patent skirt, tbh I just loved the outfit! Pastel stripes aren’t something I was thinking I would be wearing soon but this collection has made them a priority for the near future! 

As for the red zipper pants with yellow stripe, this collection is all about the fun and contrast which I love, if I was to get a pair I think I’d have to add the beret aswell! Frech chic meets streetwear!

Again the yellow stripe jumper and beret remind me a race car driver! I can’t help think Herbie the movie! It would be the perfect car and outfit combo!  

Here we have a cropped long sleeve t-shirt, I love layering clothes so having a light top to throw on over a body con dress is defiantly a must in this crazy weather!  It also comes in yellow! 

These sliders are just adorable, they may even match your sun lounger or umbrella depending where you go on holidays! As they’ll be on your feet in don’t think they’ll notice. 

On a more classic Fila note, this red hoodie is perfect for heading into town! If your like me and wear black most of the time, it can me nice to just have some different pieces in your wardrobe that are a pop of colour. Find yours here!  

So firstly we have this grey cropped hoodie with a raw edge. There is something value the colour grey, maybe I always think of fat man tracksuit and automatically think lounging around the house with a cup of tea, but a grey hoodie is a must. 

This green two piece... what can I say, you either love if or hate it! Another brand I’ve been loving recently is GCDS and this reminded me of one of their outfits, and this it a lot more affordable! Also it looks super soft! I’m loving the tracksuit more than the velour track jacket, but I do like to colour co-ordinate!  

Ah this beret is just perfect! Again red, my favourite colour to brighten my wardrobe up! Any outfit is never complete without a hat according to Audrey Hepburn, not that this is her style, however I’m sure she rocked some berets!  

The bag is just cute! It is available in other colours and just the right size for a phone, credit card and sunglasses!  

Some classic all white trainers! What could possible go wrong?  

Can I shop on the USA site if I live in Europe?  

As the links I have added all lead to the American site I thought I would answer this question as all th pieces are amazing just because they aren’t available on the European or U.K. site doesn’t mean we can’t add them to your wardrobe!  

So YES... you can order them, however from my experience of ordering off the USA site you will have to pay import tax that isn’t included in the delivery, just to give you a heads up! 

Happy shopping, chat soon xx 

WThese images are not my own and are from the Urban Outfitters website.