Casual Friday-The Perfect Mini Skirt

Hey guys, I’ve put together a post for casual Friday’s! 

It’s not exactly stay at home in your pajamas, but if you want to be ready for Friday night and also be completely relaxed for Friday at work, then this is the perfect urban outfit for ou!  


The center piece for me is the yellow mini skirt, it’s not currently available, here is an alternative! Also from Mango. Although it’s been bucketing out of the heavens the last few days, ultimately a pop of colour is getting me into weekend mode! 

I styled it with a black t-shirt from Amiri. I usually don’t like snakes 🐍, as you can’t see their fangs, I’m down with it! I usually don’t wear blue, I think as it’s a stereotype colour for redheads I avoid it, but I love the blue, yellow and black combination of this print! 


Sooo... who want to guess where I found these gorgeous shoes? 👟 No... not Asos... let’s go a little high end.. I mean look at them, 👀 ! 

Their from Valentino, they also have some other amazing colours and designs! Check them out on MyTheresa here. I love the studs, so I’m not the sparkliest person in the world, maybe like one sequence dress a year and the odd pair of shoes! But I love how chunky the jewels are! 

Of course the sneakers are black so no need to fear ruining them in this rain ☔️.

So when I was putting this outfit together I chose the clothes first! I wanted a baby blue bag but couldn’t find any suitable! Just as I was going to skip the bag I found this GucciGhost printed clutch! It just goes perfectly with the t-shirt and skirt!  

The rest fell into place!  

So I feel like this is a fun outfit so I added this incredible patent belt by Isalbelle Marant. It is also perfect for a plainer outfit to add that little bit of quirk. 

This amazing hat I found on Farfetch, It’s Love on Top as Beyoncé sings! Do we need to know anything else.... ? Check it out here along with some alternatives! 

The outfit just didn’t feel quite complete... I was sure I had everything until I came across this bracelet! So as a redhead I have avoided gold jewellry and always went more for silver but lately I’ve been drawn more and more to gold! This bangle is super cute adjustable which I love as I have oddly skinny wrists! It is available on Revolve

High Street Edit-Clothes

Now If you love the outfit but cant afford everything, I have put together a high street edit!

Firstly the skirt is from Mango, as the one in the photo isn’t availale yet I addd a link for one on sale, so again have a look here!

It took me a while to find a t-shirt that I loved just as much and also kept the aesthetic of the original outfit, check this one out and tell me what you think in the comments! I know its not black, but I loved the cat 🐱 and the repeated text too! Also the washed out blue background is pretty slick! Thank you Urban Outfitters!! 

High Street Edit-Accessories

The sock boots, so I couldn’t find any as amazing as these Valentino ones, however if your looking for the sock boot style these ones from Prety Little Thing! Also some chunky black jewels from an art and craft shop and some super glue could totally bedazzle them! 

If your looking for a similar hat, this one from is amazing! 

Not forgetting the clutch, again it’s dfficult to find something as amazing as this gucci clutch, But I think this one from Zara is super cute! Have a look fro yourself on Zara’s website! 

The bacelet again is super cheap and does not look it at al, check it out again on the Revolve website. They also have alternatives too!

Colour Scheme Advice

I find when I shop that I always have a colour scheme in mine, then over time I collect pieces of similar colour and contrast styles but they end up making cool outfits!  

Other times I’ll buy a whole outfit at once, but I love when I buy something and it ends up fitting in like it was made to be worn with the other pieces of clothing in my wardrobe! 

Chat soon!