The Perfect outfit for Sightseeing by the Sea-Part 1

At the best of times it can be difficult choosing the perfect outfit for a day out. I went for a weekend away to Brighton, to escape the city heat and catch that sea salt breeze! However deciding what to pack for the beach and shopping had me turning my wardrobe out onto the floor and still not having any ideas! As I believe clothes are bought to be worn more than once I did discover the perfect outfit, with different pieces that I had bought over the years!

Also I have shown you the Brighton Palace below, which was a total surprise to me but defiantly a hidden jem! So as well as spending hours on the pier playing on the slot machines, finding time to do some traditional sight seeing was defiantly worth the time.

Without opting for an over casual beach outfit such as shorts and a t-shirt , the other option in this heat was a sun dress but I wasn’t feeling any of my sun dress’, so I picked something a bit more sophisticated yet edgy! I have been to Brighton before and it is a bit quirky which I love. Just wandering the back streets you will find a vintage shop that sells everything from your grandmothers old black and white photographs to boho chic dress’. Keep scrolling to find my outfit details.

Ultimately I kept it simple with a plain white shirt from Cos, which I bought in size 12, but it has a tie at the waist which gives the shirt shape, and the extra size was great in this heat! 

Then I styled the shirt with my pinstripe J.H.Zhane trousers that I bought at a sample sale! They are silk and very comfortable for walking around. I also love how they are straight leg and slightly cropped, well on me anyway :) However, his pieces are amazing and made in house which I love, check out more of his designs here

I wrote about these shoes recently, how they were an impulse buy that I never wore. Get a similar pair here. Essentially I came across an article about how the cost of each item made can only be justified if worn 30 times! So the shoes are out and about! Especially when your visiting a quirky place I believe you should dress the part! Out came my leprechaun shoes as my younger brother refers to them! Again they were great to wear walking the streets and discovering all the street art. I evidently got my inspiration when I saw Chiara Ferragni wear a pair or something similar... try these ones

Or if your loving the gold shoe vibe but are not up for the blisters just go for some gold Nike sneakers

However, would I recommend you take these shoes to the beach ? You can read all about that adventure in my next post!

Great chatting, catch up soon x