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How to wear your Ripped Jeans in the Sun!

Hi Guys, one of the things I love about going home, when it has been a while is seeing all the changes that have happened throughout the town, like new shops and bakeries opening, my fav! And seeing new empty spaces, not so great but hopefully will be filled by me next visit! However, dicovering the new art work that is becoming increasingly popular throughout towns and cities in Ireland is defiantly a bonus! This mural was just so vibrant I had to stop and take some pictures! 

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I went looking for the perfect Summer Outfit!

Hey everyone, so while pink has always been my favourite colour I always felt like I was falling into the stereotype of a girly girl, when that was never the case. I was more often that not outside playing 52 bonkers with my brothers rather than playing with barbies (although I did that too)! Yet, even as a pre-teen when I tried to swap my favourite colour from pink to green, or blue and at one stage brown, I still found myself returning to pink as my favourite colour.

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