Trend Alert: Tie-Dye Hoodie + Fila Disruptor Trainers

Over the last week while on social media on browsing online shops for research on fashion style that has popped up consistently is Tie-Dye. When I was a kid, we used to make tie-dye t-shirts in the garden.  

It is a rather simple and easy process. All you need is a white t-shirt, some dye that can be bought at a local craft shop, elastics, a basin and water. 

How to make a tie-dye t-shirt in 5 Easy Steps ? 

  1. Tie the elastics into knots in the t-shirts

  2. Add water to the the basin

  3. Put the dye in and let dissolve

  4. Add the t-shirt and let to soak for length of time mentioned in the dye’s descriptions

  5. Take elastics off and dry t-shirt.


If you are not up for creating your own tie-dye t-shirt not to worry as retailers in the high street and luxury market have done it for you! 

Two Massive Online Retailers that Sell Tie-Dye Hoodies and T-shirts.

  1. SHOPBOP: Shopbop have a range of brands sporting tie-dye pieces from hoodies, t-shirts, dresses, trousers and more. To see what tie-dye Hoodies and other tie-dye clothes Shopbop have for Summer 2019 check out the link here. The tie-dye hoodies and t-shirts that are available on shop bop are designer tie-dye hoodies and t-shirts. If you are looking for tie-dye hoodies and t-shirts in a lower price bracket, keep reading.

  2. URBAN OUTFITTERS: For all boho and streetwear lovers out there Urban Outfitters is not a shop I need to introduce you to. Right on trend as always, they have a selection of tie-dye hoodies and t-shirts as well as other clothes in the latest tie-dye trend, which will be taking over Summer 2019. To view the tie-dye clothes that Urban Outfitters have check the link here. For the most part, the tie-dye clothes at Urban Outfitters are a reasonable price. However Urban Outfitters does stock some higher price point brands as well as the more well known and affordable brands that we love. Not to worry. There is plenty of choice and I am sure that there is a perfect hoodie or t-shirt for everyone that fits into their budget.

Tie-dye Hoodie +Fila Disruptor Outfit Details:

  1. AGOLDE - Riley cropped high-rise straight-leg jeans

  2. RE/DONE - Tie-dye cotton hoodie

  3. FILA Disruptor Women's Core White Trainers

  4. Marc Jacobs - Top Zip Multi Wallet 

  5. GUCCI - GG Marmont velvet shoulder bag

  6. Love Shack Fancy - Eleanor Belt