Wide Leg Jeans Outfit | How to Wear?

The 90’s are back and as well as watching re-runs of friends, which we were doing anyways are our favourite fashion trends. Wide leg jeans are back and is it a good thing? They are perfect for Spring and with such a statement piece of clothing it is always best to keep the rest of the outfit simpler!

While skinny jeans have had their reign it is refreshing to see sone new styles showing up. In true 90’s style a cropped top would work amazing with these wide leg flared jeans however for the current weather in the UK, it may be best to hold off on the crop tops until Summer has truly arrived.

Adding a pop of colour with red accessories goes well with the light blue wide leg jeans as blue and red are a great colour combination no matter the shades, if in doubt go for it, they are probably my favourite colour combination after black and black. The white t-shirt with red print ties everything together nicely as the wide leg jeans are have a slight white washed look to the jeans.

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