Boiler Suit Outfit + Continental 80's by Adidas

Fashion Month has provided lots of incredible fashions from numerous designers around the world. While I don’t believe that following trends is essential, but having great taste and creating individual style one stand out outfit was the Boiler suit Outfit. Seen again and again on the runway and off, this military like garment is making a statement in 2019. Fit is so important when buying a jumpsuit as you need it to be comfortable and also look great. A boiler suit is perfect to have a full outfit really easy, and also look great with its laid back style.

Boilersuit + Continental 80's by Adidas.jpg

Outfit Details

GANNI - Denim jumpsuit

ADIDAS ORIGINALS - Continental 80 grosgrain-trimmed textured-leather sneakers

Marc Jacobs - Top Zip Multi Wallet 

BURBERRY - Embroidered cotton baseball cap

Quay - Magnetic 

Mango - Embossed buckle belt

Marc Jacobs - Pack Shot Marc Jacobs Backpack

TOM FORD BEAUTY - Boys & Girls - Ashley 19