The Perfect Summer Outfit

Hey everyone, so while pink has always been my favourite colour I always felt like I was falling into the stereotype of a girly girl, when that was never the case. I was more often that not outside playing 52 bonkers with my brothers rather than playing with barbies (although I did that too)! Yet, even as a pre-teen when I tried to swap my favourite colour from pink to green, or blue and at one stage brown, I still found myself returning to pink as my favourite colour.

Fast forward a decade and pink has transformed from a stereotype girly girl colour to a gender neutral, fashion power colour that has a whole generation obsessed with it! So as it is a colour I have tried to get away from, it always reappears in my wardrobe! I have always been drawn to clashing colours and as a natural red head, red has often been my signature colour at an event or on a night out, whether its just red nails and lipstick to a whole ensemble, it somehow manages to creep its way into my life along with pink! 

I was ever so delighted to come across one of the latest trends Pink & Rose! Two colours that I can’t escape, not that I’m complaining! Of course if your not someone who is used to colour blocking and including bright colours in your wardrobe then clashing both colours together may be a big step. However I always find that you can’t go wrong with a white shirt and in this heat an oversized one is both airy and comfortable.